Hands On Project Management

We realize working with web developers can be a little like taking your car to the mechanic.   Unless you're a grease monkey yourself it's tough to know what's going on in the garage.  That's why we've made our process completely transparent and hands on throughout the production of your website.

While your site is being built you can:

  1. See a complete overview of your project from any device with an Internet connection
  2. View notes and upload files directly to our online project management website
  3. View archived files and discussions 
  4. View the status of current active tasks being worked on
  5. Offer feedback throughout the design and staging phases of your site

Words from a Homeroom user:

 "I've used project management software before so I found the Web Project Status site very helpful. It kept us all on task and documented everything going on with the site. Obviously the design portion of the site was the most fun - creating a brand new site that encompassed both schools was a challenge - but the team listened to our needs and interpreted what we wanted." - Read the full testimonial 

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